Disease Motifs
Investigating the Biomechanics of Disease
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Prostate Cancer

There are 8 prostate cancer proteins



    KLK6_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    KLK6_HUMAN has no polymorphisms


    PAWR_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PAWR_HUMAN has no polymorphisms


    PEO1_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PEO1_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    PEO has 1 value
    PEOA3 has 29 values
    MTDPS7 has 5 values
    PRLTS5 has 4 values

    PEOA3 R303Q
    PEOA3 R303W
    PEOA3 W315L
    PEOA3 W315S
    MTDPS7 A318T
    PEOA3 K319E
    PEOA3 K319T
    PEOA3 R334P
    PEO R334Q
    PEOA3 P335L
    PEOA3 R354P
    PEOA3 R357P
    PEOA3 A359T
    MTDPS7 L360G
    PEOA3 A362P
    PEOA3 W363L
    PEOA3 I367T
    PEOA3 S369P
    PEOA3 S369Y
    PEOA3 F370C
    PEOA3 F370L
    PEOA3 R374Q
    PEOA3 L381P
    PRLTS5 R391H
    PEOA3 S426N
    PRLTS5 W441G
    MTDPS7 L456V
    MTDPS7 T457I
    PEOA3 Q458H
    PEOA3 A460P
    PEOA3 W474C
    PEOA3 W474S
    PEOA3 A475D
    PEOA3 A475P
    PEOA3 F478I
    PEOA3 E479K
    PRLTS5 V507I
    MTDPS7 Y508C
    PRLTS5 N585S


    PGFRB_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PGFRB_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    KOGS has 1 value
    breast has 1 value
    IMF1 has 2 values
    IBGC4 has 3 values
    PENTT has 1 value
    gastric has 1 value

    IMF1 R561C
    KOGS P584R
    gastric Y589H
    IBGC4 L658P
    IMF1 P660T
    PENTT V665A
    breast T882I
    IBGC4 R987W
    IBGC4 E1071V


    PINK1_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PINK1_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    glioblastoma has 1 value
    predispose has 5 values
    disease-associated has 1 value
    PARK6 has 23 values

    PARK6 C92F
    PARK6 C125G
    PARK6 Q126P
    PARK6 R147H
    PARK6 A168P
    PARK6 P196L
    glioblastoma P215L
    PARK6 A217D
    PARK6 E240K
    PARK6 L268V
    PARK6 H271Q
    PARK6 R279H
    PARK6 A280T
    PARK6 G309D
    PARK6 T313M
    PARK6 L347P
    PARK6 L369P
    PARK6 G386A
    PARK6 C388R
    disease-associated P399L
    PARK6 R407Q
    PARK6 G409V
    PARK6 E417G
    predispose Y431H
    predispose N451S
    PARK6 R464H
    predispose E476K
    PARK6 L489P
    predispose R501P
    predispose C575R


    PRIO_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PRIO_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    SENF has 1 value
    NORM has 3 values
    CJD has 8 values
    FFI has 1 value
    schizoaffective has 1 value
    early-onset has 1 value
    GSD has 8 values
    to has 1 value

    GSD P102L
    GSD P105L
    to A117V
    NORM G127V
    NORM M129V
    GSD G131V
    schizoaffective N171S
    FFI D178N
    CJD V180I
    SENF T183A
    GSD H187R
    early-onset T188K
    CJD E196K
    GSD F198S
    CJD E200K
    GSD D202N
    CJD V203I
    CJD R208H
    CJD V210I
    CJD E211Q
    GSD Q212P
    GSD Q217R
    NORM E219K
    CJD M232R

  7. RNF11_HUMAN

    RNF11_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    RNF11_HUMAN has no polymorphisms


    SQSTM_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    SQSTM_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    FTDALS3 has 20 values
    NORM has 1 value
    PDB3 has 7 values

    FTDALS3 A16V
    FTDALS3 A33V
    FTDALS3 D80E
    FTDALS3 V90M
    FTDALS3 R107W
    FTDALS3 D129N
    FTDALS3 V153I
    FTDALS3 R212C
    FTDALS3 G219V
    FTDALS3 S226P
    FTDALS3 P228L
    FTDALS3 P232T
    NORM K238E
    FTDALS3 D258N
    FTDALS3 S318P
    FTDALS3 R321C
    FTDALS3 D329G
    FTDALS3 P348L
    FTDALS3 S370P
    FTDALS3 A381V
    PDB3 P387L
    PDB3 P392L
    PDB3 S399P
    PDB3 M404T
    PDB3 M404V
    PDB3 G411S
    PDB3 G425R
    FTDALS3 T430P