Disease Motifs
Parkinson's Disease Protein Ranking

Parkinson's Disease
Set Theory


Listing the proteins in order of rank. The rank being decided by how many times the key search term in the Parkinson's Disease dataset occured in a protein's datasheet. Top ranking protein was PRKN_HUMAN with 142 references to Parkinson's Disease within its datasheet. The idea being that the more references made implies greater importance rather than the casual singular references that were made in many of the datasheets. Only the top selection, by rank, are listed here.

  1. PRKN_HUMAN #142

    PRKN_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PARK2 has 28 values
    PARK has 2 values
    a has 2 values

    PARK2 V15M
    PARK2 R33Q
    PARK2 P37L
    PARK2 R42P
    PARK2 A46P
    PARK2 V56E
    PARK2 A82E
    PARK2 A92V
    PARK2 K161N
    PARK2 M192L
    PARK2 M192V
    PARK2 K211N
    PARK2 C212Y
    PARK2 T240M
    PARK2 T240R
    PARK C253Y
    PARK2 R256C
    PARK2 R275W
    PARK D280N
    PARK2 G284R
    PARK2 C289G
    a Q311R
    PARK2 G328E
    PARK2 T351P
    a A371T
    PARK2 R402C
    PARK2 T415N
    PARK2 C418R
    PARK2 G430D
    PARK2 C431F
    PARK2 P437L
    PARK2 C441R

  2. LRRK2_HUMAN #136

    LRRK2_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PARK8 has 32 values
    an has 2 values
    a has 1 value
    not has 1 value
    be has 1 value

    PARK8 M712V
    PARK8 R793M
    PARK8 Q930R
    PARK8 R1067Q
    PARK8 S1096C
    PARK8 I1122V
    PARK8 S1228T
    a K1359I
    PARK8 I1371V
    PARK8 R1441C
    PARK8 R1441G
    PARK8 R1441H
    PARK8 R1514Q
    PARK8 P1542S
    an R1550Q
    PARK8 V1598E
    be R1628P
    PARK8 Y1699C
    an R1723P
    PARK8 R1728H
    PARK8 R1728L
    PARK8 M1869T
    not K1906M
    PARK8 R1941H
    PARK8 I2012T
    PARK8 G2019S
    PARK8 I2020T
    PARK8 T2031S
    PARK8 T2141M
    PARK8 R2143H
    PARK8 D2175H
    PARK8 Y2189C
    PARK8 T2356I
    PARK8 G2385R
    PARK8 V2390M
    PARK8 L2439I
    PARK8 L2466H

  3. PARK7_HUMAN #121

    PARK7_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    pathological has 1 value
    disease-associated has 1 value
    PARK7 has 6 values

    PARK7 L10P
    PARK7 M26I
    disease-associated A39S
    PARK7 E64D
    PARK7 A104T
    PARK7 D149A
    pathological E163K
    PARK7 L166P

  4. PINK1_HUMAN #99

    PINK1_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    predispose has 5 values
    disease-associated has 1 value
    a has 1 value
    PARK6 has 25 values

    PARK6 C92F
    PARK6 C125G
    PARK6 Q126P
    PARK6 R147H
    PARK6 A168P
    PARK6 V170G
    PARK6 P196L
    a P215L
    PARK6 A217D
    PARK6 E240K
    PARK6 L268V
    PARK6 H271Q
    PARK6 R279H
    PARK6 A280T
    PARK6 G309D
    PARK6 T313M
    PARK6 L347P
    PARK6 L369P
    PARK6 G386A
    PARK6 C388R
    disease-associated P399L
    PARK6 R407Q
    PARK6 G409V
    PARK6 E417G
    predispose Y431H
    predispose N451S
    PARK6 R464H
    predispose E476K
    PARK6 L489P
    predispose R501P
    PARK6 Q534QQ
    predispose C575R

  5. AT132_HUMAN #59

    AT132_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    a has 1 value
    KRS has 10 values
    SPG78 has 1 value

    KRS T12M
    KRS F182L
    KRS I441F
    KRS G504R
    SPG78 T517I
    KRS G522V
    a G533R
    KRS A746T
    KRS M854R
    KRS G877R
    KRS L1059R
    KRS A1069T

  6. TAU_HUMAN #48

    TAU_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    FTD/Alzheimer has 1 value
    PIDB has 4 values
    FTD has 12 values
    PSNP1 has 2 values
    factor has 2 values
    fatal has 1 value

    FTD R5H
    PSNP1 R5L
    factor D285N
    factor V289A
    PIDB K574T
    FTD L583V
    FTD G589V
    FTD G590R
    FTD N596K
    FTD N613H
    FTD P618L
    FTD P618S
    PSNP1 G620V
    FTD S622N
    FTD K634M
    PIDB S637F
    FTD V654M
    FTD E659V
    fatal S669L
    PIDB K686I
    PIDB G706R
    FTD/Alzheimer R723W

  7. GLCM_HUMAN #39

    GLCM_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    GD has 106 values
    GD1 has 28 values
    GD2 has 21 values
    GDPL has 3 values
    a has 2 values
    GD, has 1 value
    GD3 has 4 values

    a K46E
    GD V54L
    GD C55S
    GD1 C62W
    GD1 D63N
    GD F76V
    GD2 E80K
    GD T82I
    GD G85E
    GD R87Q
    GD R87W
    GD K118N
    GD A129T
    GD2 S146L
    GD G152E
    GD N156D
    GD1 I158S
    GD I158T
    GD2 R159Q
    GD R159W
    GD P161L
    GD P161S
    GD M162V
    GD D166V
    GD1 R170C
    GD R170L
    GD T173I
    GD T173P
    GD A175E
    GD D179H
    GD K196Q
    GD P198L
    GD1 P198S
    GD P198T
    GD I200N
    GD I200S
    GD H201P
    GD R209C
    GD R209P
    GD, L213F
    GD A215D
    GD2 P217S
    GD1 P221L
    GD P221T
    GD W223R
    GD L224F
    GD2 N227I
    GD N227K
    GD N227S
    GD G228V
    GD2 A229E
    GD A229T
    GD1 V230E
    GD1 V230G
    GD G232E
    GD G234E
    GD G234W
    GD2 S235P
    GD K237E
    GD G241E
    GD1 G241R
    GD Y244C
    GD Y251H
    GD2 F252I
    GD F255Y
    GD1 F266L
    GD T270R
    GD2 E274K
    GD S276P
    GD1 P284T
    GD1 G289V
    GDPL F290L
    GD1 H294Q
    GD2 R296Q
    GD2 F298L
    GD1 R301G
    GD L303I
    GD G304D
    GD3 G304R
    GD P305R
    GD S310N
    GD1 R324C
    GD2 R324H
    GD P328L
    GD K342I
    GD2 Y343C
    GD1 I347S
    GD A348V
    GDPL H350R
    GD W351C
    GD1 W351S
    GD Y352H
    GD D354H
    GD A357D
    GD T362I
    GD L363P
    GD2 G364R
    GD E365K
    GD A380T
    GD2 C381G
    GD E388K
    GD V391L
    GD R392G
    GD R392W
    GD R398Q
    GD M400I
    GD Y402C
    GD S403T
    GD S405G
    GD S405N
    GD1 S405R
    GD T408M
    GD1 N409S
    GD L410V
    GD V414L
    GD G416S
    GD W417G
    GD2 D419A
    GD D419H
    GD D419N
    GD1 W420C
    GD N421K
    GD P426L
    GD2 G428E
    GD G429R
    GD P430L
    GD2 N431I
    GD W432R
    GD V433L
    GD1 N435T
    GD F436S
    GDPL V437F
    GD3 V437L
    GD1 D438N
    GD D438Y
    GD1 P440L
    GD3 I441F
    GD I441T
    GD1 D448H
    GD D448V
    GD F450I
    GD Y451H
    GD K452Q
    GD2 P454R
    GD M455V
    GD F456V
    GD Y457C
    GD1 G460D
    GD K464E
    a D482N
    GD1 L483P
    GD L483R
    GD A485P
    GD1 V486E
    GD1 H490R
    GD A495P
    GD L500P
    GD2 N501K
    GD R502C
    GD R502P
    GD2 D513Y
    GD G517S
    GD3 T530I
    GD R535C
    GD R535H

  8. IF4G1_HUMAN #38

    IF4G1_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    a has 4 values
    PARK18 has 2 values
    patients has 1 value

    a R201H
    PARK18 A502V
    patients G686C
    a P696L
    a S1164R
    a R1197W
    PARK18 R1205H

  9. TAF1_HUMAN #37

    TAF1_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    MRXS33 has 7 values
    a has 5 values

    a G453D
    a N472D
    MRXS33 P575S
    a E651K
    a M691I
    MRXS33 C786R
    MRXS33 D955H
    a R1169C
    MRXS33 R1225W
    MRXS33 I1316T
    MRXS33 R1431H
    MRXS33 N1496H

  10. SYUA_HUMAN #36

    SYUA_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PARK1 has 4 values

    PARK1 A30P
    PARK1 E46K
    PARK1 H50Q
    PARK1 A53T

  11. VPS35_HUMAN #33

    VPS35_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PARK17 has 1 value
    a has 4 values

    a I241M
    a P316S
    a Q469P
    a R524W
    PARK17 D620N

  12. GGYF2_HUMAN #31

    GGYF2_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PARK11 has 18 values
    be has 1 value

    be N56S
    PARK11 T112A
    PARK11 E256K
    PARK11 S273C
    PARK11 I278V
    PARK11 S335T
    PARK11 A345V
    PARK11 D349E
    PARK11 S377Y
    PARK11 N457T
    PARK11 P473S
    PARK11 E492K
    PARK11 H519Y
    PARK11 L580F
    PARK11 R589G
    PARK11 D606E
    PARK11 D1070H
    PARK11 L1209P
    PARK11 V1242I

  13. SYNJ1_HUMAN #28

    SYNJ1_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    benign has 2 values
    PARK20 has 3 values
    DEE53 has 1 value

    PARK20 R219Q
    PARK20 R420P
    DEE53 Y849C
    benign M981I
    benign Y1018S
    PARK20 S1383R

  14. FBX7_HUMAN #26

    FBX7_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PARK15 has 2 values
    two has 1 value

    PARK15 L34R
    PARK15 R378G
    two R481C

  15. HTRA2_HUMAN #25

    HTRA2_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    MGCA8 has 2 values
    PARK13 has 1 value
    be has 2 values

    be A141S
    MGCA8 LP227PS
    be G399S
    MGCA8 R404Q
    PARK13 R404W

  16. UCHL1_HUMAN #25

    UCHL1_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    be has 1 value
    SPG79 has 3 values
    PARK5 has 1 value

    SPG79 E7A
    be S18Y
    PARK5 I93M
    SPG79 R178Q
    SPG79 A216D

  17. SYT11_HUMAN #19

    SYT11_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    SYT11_HUMAN has no polymorphisms

  18. TERA_HUMAN #19

    TERA_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    CMT2Y has 2 values
    ALS14 has 4 values
    IBMPFD1 has 10 values

    IBMPFD1 R95G
    CMT2Y G97E
    IBMPFD1 I126F
    IBMPFD1 R155C
    ALS14 R155H
    IBMPFD1 R155L
    IBMPFD1 R155P
    IBMPFD1 R155S
    ALS14 R159G
    IBMPFD1 R159H
    CMT2Y E185K
    ALS14 R191Q
    IBMPFD1 L198W
    IBMPFD1 A232E
    IBMPFD1 N387H
    ALS14 D592N

  19. TY3H_HUMAN #17

    TY3H_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    ARSEGS has 38 values
    a has 1 value

    a S19C
    ARSEGS C207Y
    ARSEGS D227G
    ARSEGS R233H
    ARSEGS L236P
    ARSEGS A241T
    ARSEGS H246Y
    ARSEGS G247S
    ARSEGS P251L
    ARSEGS E259G
    ARSEGS T276P
    ARSEGS C279F
    ARSEGS G294R
    ARSEGS R296Q
    ARSEGS P301A
    ARSEGS F309S
    ARSEGS T314M
    ARSEGS G315S
    ARSEGS R319P
    ARSEGS R328W
    ARSEGS R337H
    ARSEGS C359F
    ARSEGS F375L
    ARSEGS A376V
    ARSEGS I382T
    ARSEGS A385V
    ARSEGS L387M
    ARSEGS I394T
    ARSEGS T399M
    ARSEGS G408R
    ARSEGS Q412K
    ARSEGS G414R
    ARSEGS G428R
    ARSEGS R441P
    ARSEGS S467G
    ARSEGS P492L
    ARSEGS T494M
    ARSEGS D498G
    ARSEGS L510Q

  20. AT10B_HUMAN #16

    AT10B_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    patients has 5 values
    a has 8 values
    ATPase has 1 value

    a N105S
    patients T161N
    a V219M
    ATPase G393W
    a I540T
    a A558V
    patients G648R
    patients G671R
    a V748L
    patients N865K
    a E993A
    a I1038T
    a I1222T
    patients L1421F

  21. PACRG_HUMAN #16

    PACRG_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PACRG_HUMAN has no polymorphisms

  22. AUXI_HUMAN #14

    AUXI_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PARK19B has 1 value

    PARK19B R870G

  23. GPR37_HUMAN #14

    GPR37_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    GPR37_HUMAN has no polymorphisms

  24. VP13C_HUMAN #14

    VP13C_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PARK23 has 1 value

    PARK23 G1389R

  25. RB39B_HUMAN #13

    RB39B_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    WSMN has 2 values

    WSMN T168K
    WSMN G192R

  26. SNCAP_HUMAN #13

    SNCAP_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    patients has 1 value

    patients R621C

  27. FGF20_HUMAN #12

    FGF20_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    FGF20_HUMAN has no polymorphisms

  28. SC6A3_HUMAN #10

    SC6A3_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PKDYS has 2 values
    a has 2 values

    a G121S
    PKDYS L368Q
    PKDYS P395L
    a R544S


AT132_HUMAN #59