Disease Motifs
Investigating the Biomechanics of Disease
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Ovarian Cancer

There are 5 ovarian cancer proteins



    KLK6_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    KLK6_HUMAN has no polymorphisms


    LRRK2_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    LRRK2_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    an has 2 values
    not has 1 value
    be has 1 value
    PARK8 has 25 values
    with has 1 value
    PARK has 1 value
    in has 1 value

    PARK8 M712V
    PARK8 R793M
    PARK8 Q930R
    PARK8 R1067Q
    PARK8 S1096C
    PARK8 I1122V
    PARK8 S1228T
    in K1359I
    PARK8 I1371V
    PARK R1441C
    PARK8 R1441G
    PARK8 R1441H
    PARK8 R1514Q
    PARK8 P1542S
    an R1550Q
    PARK8 V1598E
    be R1628P
    PARK8 Y1699C
    an R1723P
    PARK8 R1728H
    PARK8 R1728L
    PARK8 M1869T
    not K1906M
    PARK8 R1941H
    PARK8 I2012T
    PARK8 G2019S
    PARK8 I2020T
    PARK8 T2141M
    PARK8 R2143H
    PARK8 T2356I
    with G2385R
    PARK8 L2466H


    PEO1_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PEO1_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    PEOA3 has 29 values
    PEO has 1 value
    MTDPS7 has 5 values
    PRLTS5 has 4 values

    PEOA3 R303Q
    PEOA3 R303W
    PEOA3 W315L
    PEOA3 W315S
    MTDPS7 A318T
    PEOA3 K319E
    PEOA3 K319T
    PEOA3 R334P
    PEO R334Q
    PEOA3 P335L
    PEOA3 R354P
    PEOA3 R357P
    PEOA3 A359T
    MTDPS7 L360G
    PEOA3 A362P
    PEOA3 W363L
    PEOA3 I367T
    PEOA3 S369P
    PEOA3 S369Y
    PEOA3 F370C
    PEOA3 F370L
    PEOA3 R374Q
    PEOA3 L381P
    PRLTS5 R391H
    PEOA3 S426N
    PRLTS5 W441G
    MTDPS7 L456V
    MTDPS7 T457I
    PEOA3 Q458H
    PEOA3 A460P
    PEOA3 W474C
    PEOA3 W474S
    PEOA3 A475D
    PEOA3 A475P
    PEOA3 F478I
    PEOA3 E479K
    PRLTS5 V507I
    MTDPS7 Y508C
    PRLTS5 N585S


    PRKN2_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PRKN2_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    PARK has 2 values
    PARK2 has 28 values
    patient has 2 values

    PARK2 V15M
    PARK2 R33Q
    PARK2 P37L
    PARK2 R42P
    PARK2 A46P
    PARK2 V56E
    PARK2 A82E
    PARK2 A92V
    PARK2 K161N
    PARK2 M192L
    PARK2 M192V
    PARK2 K211N
    PARK2 C212Y
    PARK2 T240M
    PARK2 T240R
    PARK C253Y
    PARK2 R256C
    PARK2 R275W
    PARK D280N
    PARK2 G284R
    PARK2 C289G
    patient Q311R
    PARK2 G328E
    PARK2 T351P
    patient A371T
    PARK2 R402C
    PARK2 T415N
    PARK2 C418R
    PARK2 G430D
    PARK2 C431F
    PARK2 P437L
    PARK2 C441R


    TRPM7_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    TRPM7_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    gastric has 1 value
    an has 1 value
    breast has 1 value
    channels has 1 value

    an S406C
    breast T720S
    gastric M830V
    channels T1482I