Disease Motifs
Investigating the Biomechanics of Disease
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About this Site

The aim of this site is to show some of the research that I have been working on recently involving the search for Disease Motifs. I graduated as a mature student from Manchester University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Microbiology gaining an upper second in 2005, and also gaining a Merit in a Master of Science degree in Bioinformatics at the same university in 2006. I was 41 when I finished this course of study. I have not done a PhD.

I originally became interested in the Prion protein which is associated with certain diseases which include BSE, CJD, FFI GSS, and variant CJD. I have become a little addicted to certain aspects of bioinformatics and have decided that I would like to carry on doing my own research which I am completing in my spare time. This site has been set up so that I might gain some useful feedback on some of the areas of work that I am pursuing. It will also allow other people to perhaps use some of the information contained within these pages. Hopefully there will be someone who will appreciate this work.

This site you may notice looks a bit basic and not as 'nice' as some other websites you may have seen and this is because I have done all the programming for the site myself. That is to say I have written all the HTML code (and CSS) in a notepad file and then published the lot online. This has often been a very frustrating task and I have often thought (and still do think) I might do the whole thing again but using some software to produce a website that looks a lot more slick. For the time being however I am more or less happy with the results but there are always improvements that I would like to make.

Occasionally while making some changes or improvements I sometimes don't check the end results on some of the different browsers that are available or on narrow screen as well as wide screen. This is usually out of laziness on my part to check out any changes thoroughly on different systems so there are sometimes massive errors that really disrupt the appearance of an entire page or even on many pages on the site, and goes unnoticed by myself for some time. I try to keep this to the minimum but should you notice anything that is not right or perhaps a link that doesn't work please let me know as I would really appreciate it. The site should work on most up-to-date browsers.

I also would also like any comments about the actual contents of the pages and should you think that I have stated anything that is factually incorrect even if this is simply: spelling mistakes; grammatical errors; or even just the wording being a bit more complex that it needs to be then please let me know by email and I will try to correct any errors or amend the style should I think it necessary. If there is anything that you would like to have included on this site please let me know.

Disease Motifs - A Wild Speculative Excursion into the Field of Bioinformatics

I am in the process of writing a book about this work in general with all the explanations necessary and with the results of some of the research that has been conducted. Hopefully this might help and inspire other individuals to become involved. The book will be self-published on e-publishing sites like Kindle and I will probably do this in parts to make its publication easier for myself.

Disease Motifs. A Wild Speculative Excursion into the Field of Bioinformatics: - The Basics

The first chapter or book one is called the Basics and is now available on Kindle, Amazon. It will instruct you into the basics of the work that is displayed on this site. You will find some of the Perl scripts code on the additional resources page and these are also included in the appendices of The Basics. I hope that you will not find this work too labourious. I am currently working on the Parkinson's dataset and will release this some time next year, hopefully.

Please be aware that this instalment has a lot of colour images, so you might well think to download it on to your computer, if your Kindle or other device does not show coloured images properly.

If you are interested in buying this work please click on the link below.
Disease Motifs. A Wild Speculative Excursion into the Field of Bioinformatics: - The Basics

The Parkinson's Disease Protein Dataset 2019

The second chapter, or instalment, will be called "The Parkinson's Disease Protein Dataset 2019"; which will hopefully be ready for release sometime in the year 2019, if everything goes okay. This will explore some of the proteomics involved in the pathology and also investigate the possibility that there may be some microbial candidates for a pathogenic cause of Parkinson's disease.

Additional Resources for the Book

There are some additional resources that will be available located on the Additional Resources page.