Disease Motifs
A Wild Speculative Excursion into the Field of Bioinformatics
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Biological Research Services

If you are interested in sponsoring some further research here are some more details.

The main aim will be to explore the nature of a disease by doing proteomic analysis of the proteins that are associates with that disease. There is no guarantee that anything will be found that will cure the disease definitively but hopefully a better understanding of the disease process will be made. This work is solely concerned with the theoretical and computational work.

The minimum time that is required to make any headway is one year but realistically to find some significant results may take longer, possibly five to ten years, but a five-year period might form some absolute limit if you would perfer that to be the case. Ideally, funding for a five year period would allow me the time to complete a reasonable amount of work on any one project without having to worry about looking for other funding. Hopefully some scientific ‘papers’ will get published in some renowned scientific journals but if these were not accepted by mainstream science journals, the work will be made available on here or elsewhere (see below). As you may know, I am attempting to write a book, so any new research may form one of the chapters within it.

One year would need to be supported by £35,000 and this will have to be paid in advance. For private individuals wanting to sponsor some research, but wishing to remain anonymous, your privacy WILL be respected. If you are interested in sponsorship please email me so that we can have a discussion about the details involved.

For further details or to just make some general (non-sponsorship related) enquiries about the work please feel free to email me


If you would like to help me in this work and want to give an amount of money so as to support the research that is being attempted here I have attached a donation button. This will link you to a PayPal account. You have to type in the amount you want to donate and you will have the option of donating via a PayPal account ("Donate") which is the top option or "Donate with a card". You will also have an option to make this a monthly donation.

To make donation just click on the button below.

Disease Motifs - A Wild Speculative Excursion into the Field of Bioinformatics

I am in the process of writing a book about this work in general with all the explanations necessary and with some of the results of this research. Hopefully this might help and inspire other individuals to become involved.

You will find some of the Perl scripts code, which might be needed to get you started making your own disease protein datasets, on the additional resources page and these are also included in the book's appendices.

Please be aware that this instalment has a lot of colour images, so you might well think to download it on to your computer, if your Kindle or other device does not show coloured images properly.

If you are interested in buying this work please click on the link below.
Disease Motifs - A Wild Speculative Excursion into the Field of Bioinformatics