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Alzheimic Parkinson's Disease

AlzheimicPD (Alzheimers and PD)

There are 11 proteins in alzheimicPD with 10 proteins with polyporphisms and one without. All 11 proteins mention Alzheimer's and PD.


    CDK5_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    CDK5_HUMAN has no polymorphisms


    HRH2_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    HRH2_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    NORM has 3 values

    NORM N217D
    NORM K231R
    NORM V268M


    NU1M_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    NU1M_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    patient has 1 value
    contribute has 1 value
    MELAS has 1 value
    LHON has 4 values
    MT-C1D has 1 value
    AD-MT has 1 value

    contribute A4T
    patient Y30C
    LHON Y30H
    MELAS M31T
    AD-MT M31V
    LHON A52T
    MT-C1D E214K
    LHON L285P
    LHON Y304H


    PAWR_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PAWR_HUMAN has no polymorphisms


    PCSK1_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PCSK1_HUMAN has no polymorphisms


    PIEZ1_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PIEZ1_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    LMPH3 has 4 values
    DHS1 has 12 values

    DHS1 G718S
    DHS1 G782S
    DHS1 R808Q
    LMPH3 L939M
    DHS1 S1117L
    DHS1 R1358P
    DHS1 A2003D
    DHS1 A2020T
    DHS1 A2020V
    DHS1 T2127M
    DHS1 M2225R
    LMPH3 P2430L
    LMPH3 R2456C
    DHS1 R2456H
    LMPH3 F2458L
    DHS1 R2488Q


    PSN1_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PSN1_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    disease-associated has 1 value
    gamma-secretase has 2 values
    CMD1U has 1 value
    frontotemporal has 1 value
    NORM has 1 value
    in has 1 value
    AD3 has 93 values

    AD3 R35Q
    AD3 A79V
    AD3 V82L
    AD3 I83T
    AD3 C92S
    AD3 V96F
    AD3 F105L
    frontotemporal L113P
    AD3 Y115C
    AD3 Y115H
    AD3 T116N
    AD3 P117L
    AD3 E120D
    AD3 E120K
    AD3 L134R
    AD3 N135D
    AD3 M139I
    AD3 M139K
    AD3 M139T
    AD3 M139V
    AD3 I143F
    AD3 I143T
    AD3 M146I
    AD3 M146L
    AD3 M146V
    AD3 T147I
    AD3 H163R
    AD3 H163Y
    AD3 W165C
    AD3 L166P
    AD3 S169L
    AD3 S169P
    AD3 L171P
    AD3 L173W
    AD3 L174M
    AD3 F177L
    AD3 F177S
    AD3 S178P
    AD3 G206A
    AD3 G206S
    AD3 G209E
    AD3 G209R
    AD3 G209V
    AD3 I213L
    AD3 I213T
    disease-associated H214Y
    AD3 L219P
    AD3 Q222R
    AD3 A231T
    AD3 A231V
    AD3 M233L
    AD3 M233T
    AD3 L235P
    AD3 A246E
    AD3 L250S
    AD3 A260V
    AD3 V261F
    AD3 L262F
    AD3 L262V
    AD3 C263R
    AD3 P264L
    AD3 G266S
    AD3 P267S
    AD3 P267T
    AD3 R269G
    AD3 R269H
    AD3 L271V
    AD3 T274R
    AD3 R278T
    AD3 E280A
    AD3 E280G
    AD3 L282R
    AD3 A285V
    AD3 L286V
    AD3 S289C
    in Y315C
    NORM E318G
    CMD1U D333G
    AD3 T354I
    AD3 R358Q
    AD3 S365Y
    AD3 G378E
    AD3 G384A
    AD3 S390I
    AD3 L392V
    AD3 G394V
    AD3 A396T
    AD3 N405S
    AD3 I408T
    AD3 A409T
    AD3 C410Y
    AD3 L418F
    AD3 A426P
    AD3 A431E
    gamma-secretase P433L
    AD3 L435F
    gamma-secretase L435R
    AD3 P436Q
    AD3 P436S
    AD3 I439V


    SQSTM_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    SQSTM_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    NORM has 1 value
    PDB3 has 7 values
    FTDALS3 has 20 values

    FTDALS3 A16V
    FTDALS3 A33V
    FTDALS3 D80E
    FTDALS3 V90M
    FTDALS3 R107W
    FTDALS3 D129N
    FTDALS3 V153I
    FTDALS3 R212C
    FTDALS3 G219V
    FTDALS3 S226P
    FTDALS3 P228L
    FTDALS3 P232T
    NORM K238E
    FTDALS3 D258N
    FTDALS3 S318P
    FTDALS3 R321C
    FTDALS3 D329G
    FTDALS3 P348L
    FTDALS3 S370P
    FTDALS3 A381V
    PDB3 P387L
    PDB3 P392L
    PDB3 S399P
    PDB3 M404T
    PDB3 M404V
    PDB3 G411S
    PDB3 G425R
    FTDALS3 T430P


    SYUA_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    SYUA_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    PARK1 has 4 values

    PARK1 A30P
    PARK1 E46K
    PARK1 H50Q
    PARK1 A53T


    TAU_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    TAU_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    factor has 2 values
    PIDB has 4 values
    FTD/Alzheimer has 1 value
    fatal has 1 value
    FTD has 11 values
    PSNP1 has 2 values

    FTD R5H
    PSNP1 R5L
    factor D285N
    factor V289A
    PIDB K574T
    FTD L583V
    FTD G589V
    FTD N596K
    FTD N613H
    FTD P618L
    FTD P618S
    PSNP1 G620V
    FTD S622N
    FTD K634M
    PIDB S637F
    FTD V654M
    FTD E659V
    fatal S669L
    PIDB K686I
    PIDB G706R
    FTD/Alzheimer R723W


    UCHL1_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    UCHL1_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    PARK5 has 1 value
    NORM has 1 value
    NDGOA has 1 value

    NORM S18Y
    PARK5 I93M