Disease Motifs
A wild speculative excursion into the field of bioinformatics
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Disease Motifs - A Wild Speculative Excursion into the Field of Bioinformatics

I am in the process of writing a book about this work in general with all the explanations necessary and with the results of some of the research work that has been conducted. Hopefully this might help and inspire other individuals to become involved in the work. The book will be self-published on e-publishing sites like Kindle and I will probably do this in parts to make its publication easier for myself.

The Basics

The first chapter or book one is called the Basics and is now available on Kindle, Amazon. It will instruct you into the basics of the work that is displayed on this site. I have included the Introduction (as described above which, by itself, is still free to download) in this work just to keep everything together. You will find some of the Perl scripts code here, while this site still exists as I am about to abandon it, but it is also included in the appendices of The Basics. I am currently working on the Parkinson's dataset and will release this some time next year, hopefully.

Please be aware that this instalment has a lot of colour images and that you will be restricted on having this to one device, so you might well think to download it on to your computer, if your Kindle or other device does not show coloured images properly.

If you are interested in downloading please click on the link below.
Disease Motifs. A Wild Speculative Excursion into the Field of Bioinformatics: - The Basics


OHfilegrab for Appendix 1.06 can be downloaded here OHfilegrab download


Master for Appendix 1.01 can be downloaded here Master download


DiseaseGrab for Appendix 1.03 can be downloaded here DiseaseGrab download


fastaD for Appendix 1.04 can be downloaded here fastaD download


FTvariant for Appendix 1.05 can be downloaded here FTvariant download


fastaDeliver for Appendix 1.02 can be downloaded here fastaDeliver download


I use WinZip to extract the files from a compressed file the WinZip link