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Oncological Parkinson's disease

OncoPD (Oncological Parkinson's Disease)

Consisting of 32 proteins. This list is in the process of being revised.


    AIMP2_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    AIMP2_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    lung has 2 values

    lung I92V
    lung G209S


    CDK5_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    CDK5_HUMAN has no polymorphisms


    CERU_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    CERU_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    ferroxidase has 1 value
    in has 1 value

    in I63T
    ferroxidase D544E


    COASY_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    COASY_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    NBIA6 has 1 value

    NBIA6 R499C

  5. CS012_HUMAN

    CS012_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    CS012_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    in has 1 value
    NBIA4 has 15 values

    NBIA4 T11M
    NBIA4 S39F
    NBIA4 A48P
    NBIA4 G53R
    NBIA4 G58S
    NBIA4 P60L
    NBIA4 A63P
    NBIA4 G65E
    NBIA4 G65V
    NBIA4 G69R
    NBIA4 P83L
    NBIA4 Q96P
    NBIA4 R98S
    NBIA4 L121Q
    NBIA4 A134P
    in K142E


    DDIT4_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    DDIT4_HUMAN has no polymorphisms

  7. FGF20_HUMAN

    FGF20_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    FGF20_HUMAN has no polymorphisms


    HTRA2_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    HTRA2_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    PARK13 has 1 value
    NORM has 2 values

    NORM A141S
    NORM G399S
    PARK13 R404W

  9. IF4G1_HUMAN

    IF4G1_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    IF4G1_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    in has 3 values
    colorectal has 1 value
    PARK18 has 2 values

    PARK18 A502V
    in G686C
    colorectal P696L
    in S1164R
    in R1197W
    PARK18 R1205H

  10. KLK6_HUMAN

    KLK6_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    KLK6_HUMAN has no polymorphisms


    LRRK2_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    LRRK2_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    not has 1 value
    an has 2 values
    with has 1 value
    PARK has 1 value
    be has 1 value
    in has 1 value
    PARK8 has 25 values

    PARK8 M712V
    PARK8 R793M
    PARK8 Q930R
    PARK8 R1067Q
    PARK8 S1096C
    PARK8 I1122V
    PARK8 S1228T
    in K1359I
    PARK8 I1371V
    PARK R1441C
    PARK8 R1441G
    PARK8 R1441H
    PARK8 R1514Q
    PARK8 P1542S
    an R1550Q
    PARK8 V1598E
    be R1628P
    PARK8 Y1699C
    an R1723P
    PARK8 R1728H
    PARK8 R1728L
    PARK8 M1869T
    not K1906M
    PARK8 R1941H
    PARK8 I2012T
    PARK8 G2019S
    PARK8 I2020T
    PARK8 T2141M
    PARK8 R2143H
    PARK8 T2356I
    with G2385R
    PARK8 L2466H


    NDUA1_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    NDUA1_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    MT-C1D has 2 values
    colorectal has 1 value

    MT-C1D G8R
    MT-C1D R37S
    colorectal R53C


    NDUF4_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    NDUF4_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    MT-C1D has 1 value

    MT-C1D L65P


    PAWR_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PAWR_HUMAN has no polymorphisms


    PDGFB_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PDGFB_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    IBGC5 has 2 values

    IBGC5 L9R
    IBGC5 L119P

  16. PEO1_HUMAN

    PEO1_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PEO1_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    PEOA3 has 29 values
    PEO has 1 value
    MTDPS7 has 5 values
    PRLTS5 has 4 values

    PEOA3 R303Q
    PEOA3 R303W
    PEOA3 W315L
    PEOA3 W315S
    MTDPS7 A318T
    PEOA3 K319E
    PEOA3 K319T
    PEOA3 R334P
    PEO R334Q
    PEOA3 P335L
    PEOA3 R354P
    PEOA3 R357P
    PEOA3 A359T
    MTDPS7 L360G
    PEOA3 A362P
    PEOA3 W363L
    PEOA3 I367T
    PEOA3 S369P
    PEOA3 S369Y
    PEOA3 F370C
    PEOA3 F370L
    PEOA3 R374Q
    PEOA3 L381P
    PRLTS5 R391H
    PEOA3 S426N
    PRLTS5 W441G
    MTDPS7 L456V
    MTDPS7 T457I
    PEOA3 Q458H
    PEOA3 A460P
    PEOA3 W474C
    PEOA3 W474S
    PEOA3 A475D
    PEOA3 A475P
    PEOA3 F478I
    PEOA3 E479K
    PRLTS5 V507I
    MTDPS7 Y508C
    PRLTS5 N585S


    PGFRB_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PGFRB_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    IMF1 has 2 values
    KOGS has 1 value
    breast has 1 value
    gastric has 1 value
    IBGC4 has 3 values
    PENTT has 1 value

    IMF1 R561C
    KOGS P584R
    gastric Y589H
    IBGC4 L658P
    IMF1 P660T
    PENTT V665A
    breast T882I
    IBGC4 R987W
    IBGC4 E1071V


    PINK1_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PINK1_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    predispose has 5 values
    glioblastoma has 1 value
    disease-associated has 1 value
    PARK6 has 23 values

    PARK6 C92F
    PARK6 C125G
    PARK6 Q126P
    PARK6 R147H
    PARK6 A168P
    PARK6 P196L
    glioblastoma P215L
    PARK6 A217D
    PARK6 E240K
    PARK6 L268V
    PARK6 H271Q
    PARK6 R279H
    PARK6 A280T
    PARK6 G309D
    PARK6 T313M
    PARK6 L347P
    PARK6 L369P
    PARK6 G386A
    PARK6 C388R
    disease-associated P399L
    PARK6 R407Q
    PARK6 G409V
    PARK6 E417G
    predispose Y431H
    predispose N451S
    PARK6 R464H
    predispose E476K
    PARK6 L489P
    predispose R501P
    predispose C575R


    PLPL9_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PLPL9_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    NBIA2A has 3 values
    PARK14 has 2 values
    NBIA2B has 2 values

    NBIA2A V310E
    NBIA2A D484G
    NBIA2B K545T
    NBIA2B R632W
    NBIA2A T661M
    PARK14 R741Q
    PARK14 R747W


    PRIO_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PRIO_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    to has 1 value
    GSD has 8 values
    early-onset has 1 value
    SENF has 1 value
    schizoaffective has 1 value
    NORM has 3 values
    FFI has 1 value
    CJD has 8 values

    GSD P102L
    GSD P105L
    to A117V
    NORM G127V
    NORM M129V
    GSD G131V
    schizoaffective N171S
    FFI D178N
    CJD V180I
    SENF T183A
    GSD H187R
    early-onset T188K
    CJD E196K
    GSD F198S
    CJD E200K
    GSD D202N
    CJD V203I
    CJD R208H
    CJD V210I
    CJD E211Q
    GSD Q212P
    GSD Q217R
    NORM E219K
    CJD M232R


    PRKN2_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PRKN2_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    PARK has 2 values
    patient has 2 values
    PARK2 has 28 values

    PARK2 V15M
    PARK2 R33Q
    PARK2 P37L
    PARK2 R42P
    PARK2 A46P
    PARK2 V56E
    PARK2 A82E
    PARK2 A92V
    PARK2 K161N
    PARK2 M192L
    PARK2 M192V
    PARK2 K211N
    PARK2 C212Y
    PARK2 T240M
    PARK2 T240R
    PARK C253Y
    PARK2 R256C
    PARK2 R275W
    PARK D280N
    PARK2 G284R
    PARK2 C289G
    patient Q311R
    PARK2 G328E
    PARK2 T351P
    patient A371T
    PARK2 R402C
    PARK2 T415N
    PARK2 C418R
    PARK2 G430D
    PARK2 C431F
    PARK2 P437L
    PARK2 C441R


    PRKRA_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PRKRA_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    DYT16 has 1 value

    DYT16 P222L

  23. PSN1_HUMAN

    PSN1_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    PSN1_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    gamma-secretase has 2 values
    in has 1 value
    AD3 has 93 values
    disease-associated has 1 value
    CMD1U has 1 value
    NORM has 1 value
    frontotemporal has 1 value

    AD3 R35Q
    AD3 A79V
    AD3 V82L
    AD3 I83T
    AD3 C92S
    AD3 V96F
    AD3 F105L
    frontotemporal L113P
    AD3 Y115C
    AD3 Y115H
    AD3 T116N
    AD3 P117L
    AD3 E120D
    AD3 E120K
    AD3 L134R
    AD3 N135D
    AD3 M139I
    AD3 M139K
    AD3 M139T
    AD3 M139V
    AD3 I143F
    AD3 I143T
    AD3 M146I
    AD3 M146L
    AD3 M146V
    AD3 T147I
    AD3 H163R
    AD3 H163Y
    AD3 W165C
    AD3 L166P
    AD3 S169L
    AD3 S169P
    AD3 L171P
    AD3 L173W
    AD3 L174M
    AD3 F177L
    AD3 F177S
    AD3 S178P
    AD3 G206A
    AD3 G206S
    AD3 G209E
    AD3 G209R
    AD3 G209V
    AD3 I213L
    AD3 I213T
    disease-associated H214Y
    AD3 L219P
    AD3 Q222R
    AD3 A231T
    AD3 A231V
    AD3 M233L
    AD3 M233T
    AD3 L235P
    AD3 A246E
    AD3 L250S
    AD3 A260V
    AD3 V261F
    AD3 L262F
    AD3 L262V
    AD3 C263R
    AD3 P264L
    AD3 G266S
    AD3 P267S
    AD3 P267T
    AD3 R269G
    AD3 R269H
    AD3 L271V
    AD3 T274R
    AD3 R278T
    AD3 E280A
    AD3 E280G
    AD3 L282R
    AD3 A285V
    AD3 L286V
    AD3 S289C
    in Y315C
    NORM E318G
    CMD1U D333G
    AD3 T354I
    AD3 R358Q
    AD3 S365Y
    AD3 G378E
    AD3 G384A
    AD3 S390I
    AD3 L392V
    AD3 G394V
    AD3 A396T
    AD3 N405S
    AD3 I408T
    AD3 A409T
    AD3 C410Y
    AD3 L418F
    AD3 A426P
    AD3 A431E
    gamma-secretase P433L
    AD3 L435F
    gamma-secretase L435R
    AD3 P436Q
    AD3 P436S
    AD3 I439V


    RENR_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    RENR_HUMAN has no polymorphisms


    RIR2B_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    RIR2B_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    MTDPS8B has 2 values
    colorectal has 1 value
    in has 1 value
    MTDPS8A has 7 values

    in P33S
    MTDPS8A W64R
    MTDPS8B R110H
    colorectal V115L
    MTDPS8B R121H
    MTDPS8A E194G
    MTDPS8A E194K
    MTDPS8A I224S
    MTDPS8A C236F
    MTDPS8A M282I
    MTDPS8A L317V

  26. RNF11_HUMAN

    RNF11_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    RNF11_HUMAN has no polymorphisms

  27. S20A2_HUMAN

    S20A2_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    S20A2_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    IBGC1 has 19 values

    IBGC1 I11L
    IBGC1 D28N
    IBGC1 A51V
    IBGC1 L62P
    IBGC1 R71H
    IBGC1 T115M
    IBGC1 P184L
    IBGC1 N194S
    IBGC1 R382Q
    IBGC1 S434W
    IBGC1 G498R
    IBGC1 H502Q
    IBGC1 P568L
    IBGC1 G571S
    IBGC1 E575K
    IBGC1 T595M
    IBGC1 S601L
    IBGC1 S601W
    IBGC1 S637R

  28. SC6A3_HUMAN

    SC6A3_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    SC6A3_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    breast has 2 values
    PKDYS has 2 values

    breast G121S
    PKDYS L368Q
    PKDYS P395L
    breast R544S


    SQSTM_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    SQSTM_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    PDB3 has 7 values
    NORM has 1 value
    FTDALS3 has 20 values

    FTDALS3 A16V
    FTDALS3 A33V
    FTDALS3 D80E
    FTDALS3 V90M
    FTDALS3 R107W
    FTDALS3 D129N
    FTDALS3 V153I
    FTDALS3 R212C
    FTDALS3 G219V
    FTDALS3 S226P
    FTDALS3 P228L
    FTDALS3 P232T
    NORM K238E
    FTDALS3 D258N
    FTDALS3 S318P
    FTDALS3 R321C
    FTDALS3 D329G
    FTDALS3 P348L
    FTDALS3 S370P
    FTDALS3 A381V
    PDB3 P387L
    PDB3 P392L
    PDB3 S399P
    PDB3 M404T
    PDB3 M404V
    PDB3 G411S
    PDB3 G425R
    FTDALS3 T430P

  30. TAF1_HUMAN

    TAF1_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    TAF1_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    metastatic has 1 value
    lung has 1 value
    MRXS33 has 7 values
    colorectal has 1 value

    colorectal G453D
    MRXS33 P575S
    metastatic E651K
    lung M691I
    MRXS33 C786R
    MRXS33 D955H
    MRXS33 R1225W
    MRXS33 I1316T
    MRXS33 R1431H
    MRXS33 N1496H


    TRPM7_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    TRPM7_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    gastric has 1 value
    channels has 1 value
    breast has 1 value
    an has 1 value

    an S406C
    breast T720S
    gastric M830V
    channels T1482I

  32. XPR1_HUMAN

    XPR1_HUMAN protein sequence analysis

    XPR1_HUMAN polymorphic protein sequence analysis

    IBGC6 has 4 values

    IBGC6 S136N
    IBGC6 L140P
    IBGC6 L145P
    IBGC6 L218S