Disease Motifs
Investigating the Biomechanics of Disease
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Biological Research Services

If you are interested in sponsoring some further research here are some more details.

The main aim will be to explore the nature of a disease by doing proteomic analysis of the proteins that are associates with that disease. There is no guarantee that anything will be found that will cure the disease definitively but hopefully a better understanding of the disease process will be made. This work is solely concerned with the theoretical and computational work.

The minimum time that is required to make any headway is one year but realistically to find some significant results may take longer, possibly five to ten years, but a five-year period might form some absolute limit if you would perfer that to be the case. Hopefully some scientific ‘papers’ will get published in some renowned scientific journals but if these were not accepted by mainstream science journals, the work will be made available on here or elsewhere (see below).

One year would need to be supported by £35,000 and this will have to be paid in advance. For private individuals wanting to sponsor some research, but wishing to remain anonymous, your privacy WILL be respected. If you are interested in sponsorship please email me so that we can have a discussion about the details involved.

For further details or to just make some general (non-sponsorship related) enquiries about the work please feel free to email me

Preliminary set theory-type analysis of proteins associated with Parkinson's disease
- published paper 2014

Journal of Alzheimers Disease & Parkinsonism

Proteomic Analysis of the Amyloid Precursor A4 Protein Proteomic Analysis of the Amyloid Precursor A4 Protein

Not published in scientific journal but this paper is available as an e-paper for £3.99 exVAT. This is just a five page article or paper but will help fund my work.