Disease Motifs
Investigating the Biomechanics of Disease
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Biological Research Services

If you are interested in sponsoring some further research here are some more details.

The main aim will be to explore the nature of a particular disease by doing proteomic analysis of the proteins that are associates with that disease. There is no guarantee that anything will be found that will help in finding a cure for a disease but hopefully some illumination in to the disease process will be found. Any results that are found will then have to be tested in the lab and is not part of this work paid for here which is solely concerned with the theoretical and computational work.

The minimum time that is required to make any headway is one year but realistically to find some significant results may take longer than this but presumably after five years of looking it might be time to start a study on another disease. This five-year period might form some absolute limit should you want it to. I will endeavour to produce some scientific ‘papers’ which hopefully, dependent on the nature of the results, will get published in some scientific journals. However, I do intend to write a comprehensive report in the form of a book on the methods and techniques used as well as any results which have been found. This I will put out for publication in the form of a book which I will endeavour to produce during a five-year study, so at the very least, there will be one extra resource for people who are conducting research related to the disease in question.

The total paid for one year will be £35,000 and this will have to be paid in advance.

For private individuals wanting to sponsor some research work but wishing to remain anonymous, your privacy WILL be respected.

For further details or to make some non-committal enquiries PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME.

If you would like to donate to any research, please use the donate button below. You will have 40 characters to input whatever you want which may be just your name or a password used to confirm your identity if you later decide to email me.